Snoring And Clenching

Snoring And Sleep Apnea Appliances

Snoring and sleep apnea are huge health problems in today’s society and largely untreated. Most people don’t realize there are viable effective treatments available from your dentist for simple snoring as well as for the more serious sleep apnea. We all know what snoring can do to a relationship. Did you know  loud snoring can be more deafening than a cruising motorcycle?  I don’t know about you but if there was a Harley on the other side of my bed I probably wouldn’t be sleeping there long. Many people don’t realize the severe health consequences of untreated sleep apnea, when the soft tissues of the tongue and throat fall back and close the airway, disrupting sleep, increasing blood pressure, increasing pulse rate, predisposing one to arrhythmias, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, stroke, and many others. Most importantly, how healthy is it if your brain stops getting oxygen for extended lengths of time, several times an hour over many years? Think about it. Along with typical medical treatment such as CPAP® (continuous positive airway pressure) many dental appliances can be made to prevent the lower jaw from falling back and splinting the airway so it stays open. Some of the many appliances we offer are the Somnodent ®, TAP ® Silent Nite ®, Myerson EMA ® and Respire ® to name a few. We are currently working with medical insurance companies to try and get coverage for these appliances.

NTI Migraine And Bruxism Appliances

Bruxism or tooth grinding is a serious sleep disorder that can damage teeth to such an extent that the entire enamel of the teeth can be completely worn away. This can lead to treatment costing thousands of dollars to restore lost tooth structure and a collapsed bite. This can happen because when we are asleep our teeth can generate up to 16 times the force that they do when we are awake without realizing it. Sometimes this can lead to tooth sensitivity,  root canals, headaches and in some cases, muscular induced migraines. A new device to prevent this is called the Nti-Tss ®, a small customized mouthpiece that fits over just the two front teeth to keep this chain of events from happening. This is an FDA approved device and extremely effective. For more information, go to

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