Comfort And Sedation

At Dr Roth’s office we understand that patients are nervous about the anesthetic process and we offer a number of options to alleviate your fears.  First and foremost, we want you to have a discussion with Dr. Roth about your concerns so that we can properly address them.  We know that there are many patients who cringe at the thought of the N word the “needle “.  However, the most common testimonial that we get about our office is that Dr. Roth is virtually painless when he administers anesthetic.  Lets face it for many procedures, you’d rather be numb than not, however, some patients choose to go without any novocaine. If this is your preference, Dr. Roth will go over in detail with the patient what to expect and the pros and cons of this choice.  In the event that you are a patient who chooses general anesthesia or IV Sedation for some if not all dental procedures we would refer you to a specialist. Here are some of the methods that Dr. Roth employs to make you comfortable during dental procedures.

Topical Anesthetic

Prior to administering anesthesia, a flavored topical anesthetic  is applied to the gums.  This serves as a numbing gel to the injection site and makes the patient feel relieved when they realize that the anesthetic has been administered virutally without feeling it.



The Vibraject is a small device that attaches to an anesthetic syringe and when activated emits a small vibration during an anesthetic injection. The result is a drastic reduction in pain sensation for those who are afraid of the needle. Because the brain has difficulty processing two different sensations at once, discomfort during injections is lessened considerably. Ask us about it!

Bose QuietComfort 15® Headphones

Nothing beats completely tuning out the surrounding environment during dental treatment when listening to your Ipod or watching a movie. Our Bose noise cancellation headphones are the perfect solution for patients who want to literally tune out the noises of dentistry. Rumbles from the drill, air syringes, and suction equipment are virtually eliminated when plugged into these. If you prefer, you needn’t even listen to anything, some patients just prefer total silence. Just ask us!


Some patients appreciate the effects that a strong sedative can have on their wellbeing before a dental appointment. A common drug we prescribe called Ativan® is a member of the Valium family with the advantage of shorter acting times. We do require that you have a pre-arranged ride to and from our office. For patients suffering from anxiety who need a deeper sedation or more complicated procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions, we will refer the patient to a specialist who administers general and IV anesthesia.

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